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Manufacturer: PREGNAMARE USA
Part Number: 86610
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Safe, accurate, easy. Those are the words that describe PregnaMare, the new user friendly do it yourself home pregnancy test for mares. It is designed for use by the layman, the horse owner or stable manager, in the field or stable. Each kit is completely self-contained in a durable 2 1/2 inch x 2 3/4 inch plastic box with everything needed for conducting one test on site with just a few drops of blood.

Just get a few drops with the lancet provided and wet the end of the Q-Tip. Results in the form of blue dots are produced in about an hour. The test is based on immuno-assay technology and detects the presence (or absence) of the pregnancy hormone ECG (PMSG).

The kit is designed to detect the hormone 40 days after breeding and until the hormone disappears from the bloodstream of the pregnant mare at about 120 days.(Not effective before the 40th day or after the 100th day.) It is recommended that PregnaMare be shipped on ice by ONA or 2-Day Air.

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